AI Poker

AI Poker Tutorial

Over the years, poker strategy has become more and more mathematical and many top players play by studying game theory optimal (GTO) strategy with “solver” software. This tutorial touches on how the math and algorithms behind the solvers work as well as important poker research papers and ideas.

Jun 2019: Most Important Fundamental Rule of Poker

Using techniques from machine learning we have uncovered a new simple, fundamental rule of poker strategy that leads to a significant improvement in performance over the best prior rule and can also easily be applied by human players.

May 2017: Counterfactual Regret Minimization and Abstraction Analysis in Computer Poker

MSc thesis analyzing card abstraction in Kuhn (1-card) poker and betting abstraction in No Limit Royal Hold’em (same as No Limit Texas Hold’em, but with a 20-card deck with cards Ten and higher only).

Gambling Applications

Jan 2020: Policy and Value Iteration Gambler Problem

Jul 2020: Freethrow Bet Evaluation

Sep 2020: Monte Carlo RL and Blackjack

AI Safety

Sep 2020: Assessing Generalization in Reward Learning

Reinforcement Learning


Machine Learning/Deep Learning

Apr 2020: Prediction of Bayesian Intervals for Tropical Storms




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